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Download recovery MySQL tool to fix the damage of corresponding databases and repair the corruption of MySQL documents
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5 August 2014

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The MySQL database is today widely used in many organizations to run website databases. In fact millions of websites today use this open source and free RDMBS solution as their backend. Now when you are working on MySQL database, at times during a transfer process or due to a technical glitch, the database can get corrupted. In such a scenario you need a powerful tool like MySQL Recovery Kit application to get back your valuable data.

The MySQL Recovery Kit application looks at recovering the MySQL database in a practical manner and takes adequate caution. To start with it does not mess with the input file but creates a new copy where the database structure has been properly reconstructed. It uses sophisticated algorithms to determine the reconstruction work that need to be undertaken and makes it a point that all elements including queries, triggers etc are adequately recovered. Further it is successful in drawing out multimedia objects too. Apart from serving as a recovery tool, the application can be used to take backups as per planned schedules. It comes rather handy for backing up transaction data from intranet applications which tend store a lot of data every day. The tool can also be used to eliminate redundant entries and thereby save valuable disk space. At less than four megabytes, its setup file can be downloaded without a hassle and its installation process too is bump free. The tool can work on most all Windows machines currently in vogue and even on the ancient 98 iteration.

Overall the MySQL Recovery Kit application shows great dexterity in extracting all database elements with effortless ease. Further the speed of recovery displayed by this application is best in its class which earns it a score of three and half rating stars.

Publisher's description

Try MySQL Recovery Kit and check the efficiency of database recovery for MySQL service, powered by this software, it can be applied for database recovery services under different scenarios. Firstly, the MySQL database recovery tool can fully replace regular backups, save free disk space and provide similar efficiency of database restoration when it is needed. Secondly, MySQL recovery tools may assist in repairing the latest changes of database files only and considerably improve user chances of database restoration, open the website of recover MySQL tool, look through its requirements and get to know what can you do to stand against the corruption of MySQL databases:
-runs on any hardware in use so it does not really matter if you are going to launch the corrupt MySQL recovery tool on newer hardware or older computers;
-features the compatibility with all supported Windows versions, starting from MS Windows 98;
-automatically detects all items, stored in affected databases of MySQL extension, converts these files into clean documents of corresponding MySQL format;
-MySQL Recovery Kit never modifies processed documents by working with copies of input data only and rebuilding the structure of output documents in clean files of MySQL format;
-download recovery MySQL tool has the small size of its binaries so the users of MySQL Recovery Kit can get it really fast regardless the state of Internet connection;
-automatically detects the database restoration algorithm that should be applied to fix database corruption issues;
-thanks to the friendly database recovery engine and the detailed explanation of all MySQL repair steps, described on the website of this program, users may easily reproduce the overall procedure without more details;
-the structure of input database stays unchanged for safety reasons, MySQL Recovery Kit works with copies only
MySQL Recovery Kit
MySQL Recovery Kit
Version 1.0
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